Custom Kit can be a stressful, long-winded and frustrating process. We knew it ourselves after years of sourcing the rg:active cycling and triathlon kit and we kept hearing it from the clubs, companies, charities and schools we worked with as a coaching provider, but what could we do about it?

Well, we are delighted to announce that we have partnered up with British brand ‘QSW’ and together we are very excited to offer you our new ‘CLUB STORE’.

We have devised a system that we know will make your custom kit experience easier, quicker and more efficient. for more information about getting you custom kit please email:

We have tried to make the process our customers experience as simple and honest as possible.

So. no hidden costs, not minimum order quantities, no language barriers, no complicated, long-winded order forms, and finally a friendly and knowledgeable team of people to answer any questions and queries you might have during the process.

So, please get in touch if your company, charity, club or team want to get kitted out for their next season, adventure or event!