rg:active is the UK’s leading mass participation, multi-sport training provider that encourages a healthy and fun way of life through exercise and learning.

As a company rg:active uses sport to promote health and wellness within the corporate and charity sectors but also on a mass participation level through its growing network of franchises across the UK.

The business was originally founded by John Brame in 2006 whilst he was still holding down other jobs including the management of the very successful triandrun triathlon stores and then as trainer to World Champion F1 driver Jenson Button.

With a focus on the sports that John raced professionally in (triathlon and cycling) the business has always been forward thinking and been able to adapt and evolve as the sports of triathlon and cycling have exploded in the UK. Taking people on a journey and seeing the progress a person can make with some guidance, tuition, positivity and support is one of the most rewarding experiences for any teacher or coach and we get to see that everyday of the week.

The Company started with a single Coached Open Water swim session and has grown to where it now sees to the needs of 10,000+ athletes per year across the UK offering everything from complete corporate healthy living packages to specialist sports coaching to accomplished athletes.

More recently rg:active have trial blazed a way to promote healthy living, wellness and an active lifestyle within businesses large and small with huge success, creating a ‘journey’ that can be life changing! From a ‘learn to swim’ or ‘couch to 5km’ initiative to training for a corporate triathlon we have found an offering that we feel every company, and it’s staff could benefit from.

In 2018 rg:active launched it’s first franchise. More franchise opportunities are presenting themselves all the time and new areas of business are constantly being explored, so the future looks exciting for this growing business.

John brame
CEO / Founder

Ex-professional triathlete and cyclist turned entrepreneur who lives and breathes sport and has an unrivalled passion for his job, his staff and his customers.

Marsha el-Hage
Co-Founder / Marketing

Multiple Ironman finisher and a regular on the GB age-group team. Possibly the most motivational and positive person within our team.

Emma Young

An accomplished age-group triathlete and ironman finisher. From a corporate background she makes sure the business stays focused with an attention to detail like no other.

Christine Fleming

Christine is proof of ‘the journey’. Starting off as a novice with us 10+ years ago and now a seasoned age-group triathlete and valuable member of the team.

krista bibbings

Whether it is open water or pool swimming or even paddle boarding, Krista is your coach. Instrumental in helping lots of people to gain confidence in the water both inside and outdoors.

Phil Paterson

An accomplished age-group athlete and possibly one of the most knowledgeable coaches you could ever meet. Based in central and North London.



Phil started as a customer and after receiving his triathlon coaching qualifications, to add to his CrossFit and Rowing expertise we are delighted to have him join the team.